Taekwondo - Class Types

Wolfpack (5 - 10 years old)

This class is designed for students between the ages of 5 to 10 years old. The aim of this class is to learn focus with meaning. The discipline aspect of this class will assist students to concentrate while having fun.

Family Class (All ages)

This class is designed so the whole family can participate as a group. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of Taekwondo, consisting of warm up and stretching, form work and techniques, self-defence, and Taekwondo sparring. Improvement of fitness and self-defence will be the main advantages of participating in this class.

Taekwondo Black Belt Class

Specifically for current black belt students, this class will challenge you physically and mentally.

Sports Class (Invitation only)

This class is designed to offer specific training for those students who wish to train at a higher energy level. This class is open to students by invitation only.

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