Nepean Martial Arts to Korea - Meet Jeff Bromley!

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 We are eight weeks out! We are starting to rug up for the quite brisk Saturday morning training sessions and we hope to keep momentum going with our training. You will start to see a little bit more of our training sessions over the next few weeks.

For our spotlight this week we are keeping it in the same household with Instructor Jeff Bromley.


Photo taken 2012 Pre Mulympia

National Achievements:


  • Gold - Individual Patterns
  • Gold - Paper Cutting
  • Silver - Group Patterns


  • Gold - Individual Patterns
  •  Gold - Paper Cutting
  • Silver - Group Patterns


  • Gold - Individual Patterns
  • Gold - Paper Cutting
  •  Gold - Bamboo Cutting

Favourite Pattern and why:
Pattern 8, I had to wait 10 months for my blackbelt grading to be completed at Nationals, this pattern was my last pattern so I trained for 10 months, so got to learn all aspects of the pattern over that time.

What are you looking forward to most in Korea?:
Meeting new people that complete in this martial arts and seeing the demonstrations at a elite level.

Why Haidong Gumdo?
Why Gumdo? both of my kids trained in Tae Kwon Do and was asked to give it a go by their instructor and my neighbour and I decided to give it a go, he lasted 2 terms and I never looked back. I have done many sports over the years and Gumdo is the most dynamic exciting sport I have ever done.

Other martial art achievements:
Did some Tae Kwon Do when I was young for a little while.

What is your spirit animal?

Favouite album:
INXS - Kick

What's your packing style - last minute or a month before:
Not last minute but within the last couple of days and yes just throw everything in and close.

Photos by: Megan Williamson and Warren Thrush

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