Nepean Martial Arts to Korea - Meet Brian

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Tuesday has come around and it's time for the next of our Meet the Team series with Instructor Brian McCabe!

Photo by Warren Thrush

National Achievements:
2012: 1st in patterns and paper cutting
2013: 1st in patterns, paper cutting, sparring and group patterns
2014: 1st in paper cutting, bamboo cutting, group patterns and 3rd in individual patterns

Favourite Pattern and why:
Patterns 8 and 10. Pattern 8 for the attacking sequence  across the hall, and Pattern 10 for the stalking and spinning into deep stances with single handed strikes.

What are you looking forward to most in Korea?:
I am looking forward to representing Australia with our fantastic team, a dream I have had for a very long time. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet, compete and work with other martial artists who have great talent and skills.

Why Haidong Gumdo?
With Karate I have practiced a few weapons including Sai, Bo, Nunchuku, and the sword has always fascinated me. I jumped at the chance to learn sword techniques when I found Haidong Gumdo close to home and have never regretted my choice. I love the attacking moves and the fluidity of the style.

Other martial art achievements:
I have been doing Karate for 33 years, and have recently graded 4th Dan. I have competed in many National and local tournaments, often very successfully.

What is your spirit animal?
The tiger.

Favourite album:
I like all types of music from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, Yes and Augie March. At the moment I am listening to Drew Johnston albums more than others.

What’s your packing style - last minute or a month before:
The night before, I am good at a mad rush at the end.

Photos by Megan Williamson and Various

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