Nepean Martial Arts to Korea - Meet Madeleine

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 Our next team member we wish to highlight is Instructor Madeleine! 

Photo: Patrick Williamson

National Achievements:
2012: 1st in patterns and paper cutting
2013: 1st in patterns, paper cutting, sparring and group patterns
2014: 1st in paper cutting, bamboo cutting, group patterns and 3rd in individual patterns

Favourite Pattern and why:
I think Pattern 10 is my favourite. It combines so many different single and two handed techniques, in a number of directions, and I love the stalking section! It is a longer pattern which I also like.

What are you looking forward to most in Korea?:
Just being amongst, and watching, the best in the word will be fantastic. I am looking forward to the challenge of competing in Korea and working with more amazing martial artists.

Why Haidong Gumdo?
I have been doing martial arts since 1988, and was looking for a sword style to expand my knowledge. I didn’t want the kendo type of practice, and found Haidong Gumdo a bit by accident through an article in the local paper. It is so flowing and I dream of being able to do that. Finding the class only two blocks away from my house was quite an incentive initially as well J

Other martial art achievements:
I finally achieved my 2nd Dan in Karate at the age of 55. I also have a Yellow belt in Hapkido but I can’t remember any of that.

What is your spirit animal?
The owl.

Favourite album:
Enya’s Amarantine, the best album for relaxing and pondering the important things in life. The songs are so poignant.

What’s your packing style - last minute or a month before:
Continually for at least a week before. I hate to think I have forgotten something. I write lists and pack as soon as items are not to be used, and often recheck that I have everything.

Photos: Patrick Williamson and Megan Williamson

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