Nepean Martial Arts to Korea - Plus meet Robert Harris!

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On the 23rd of July 2015, our Nepean Martial Arts contingent will head to 평창군 Pyeongchang in South Korea for the 2nd Mulimpia and Haidong Gumdo World Championships.

This will be Nepean Martial Arts third time competing within a World Championships (sending a team in both 2010 and 2012) and we couldn’t be more excited for this year, sending a total of seven competitors who have commenced a highly regimented (and from what I hear, brutal) 12 week training program compiled by NSW state trainer and two time bronze medalist from 2012, Master Luke Adlam.

We are so pleased and can’t wait to share our journey of tears and blisters with you for the next twelve weeks! 

It is our endeavour to let you all get to know our team a little better, so please enjoy the first interview with team member Robert Harris (1st Dan)

2014 Pre Mulimpia and Australian National Championships - Photo by Patrick Williamson

National Achievements:
2013 - 18-35 Male: Red belt & Chodanbo Division

  • 3rd Patterns
  • 1st Paper Cutting
  • 1st Sparring
  • 1st Group Patterns

2014 - 18-35 Male 1st/2nd Dan Black Belt Division

  • 1st Dan:
  • 4th Pattern
  • 3rd Paper Cutting 
Favourite Haidong Gumdo pattern and why:
Pattern 9. Most of it's moves flow into one another seamlessly while showing off power and technique. When the spins through the middle section are quite challenging and when done correctly, they look very impressive. The cartwheel also gives the pattern a real flourish to end on.
What are you looking forward to most in Korea?:
I'm looking forward to see the highest standard of Haidong Gumdo being practiced all around me.
Why Haidong Gumdo?
I've always wanted to do a martial art, but sparring was not something that held much interest. Having fantasy themed interests throughout my life led me to be greatly interested in wielding a sword but I thought other sword martial arts - such as kendo - to be too stationary and with a focus on sparring. Haidong Gumdo is the perfect blend of the elements I enjoy such as the flow, focus on patterns and discipline.
Other martial art achievements:
Yellow 3 in Taekwondo when I was ~10-12 years old?
What is your spirit animal?
An F1 car... I don't have one.
Favouite album:
I assume this refers to music? I don't have a particular all time favourite, but "Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy" comes to mind and ranks pretty highly.
What's your packing style - last minute or a month before:
The night before, otherwise you can't use the things you're taking for a month, that just seems silly!

From White belt to 1st Dan - Photos by Patrick and Megan Williamson
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