Trainee Instructors at work

Left to Right: Kevin Werner, Megan Bromley and Sue Adlam

Nepean Wolves has four trainees currently working with our taekwondo and haidong gumdo classes. These trainees spend time working with Master Andrew Johnston and working with Senior Instructor Dave Adlam learning the finer points of managing our classes and our students. You’ll see Trainee Assistant Instructor Megan Bromley working with the Wolf Pack classes on Thursday, Trainee Instructor Kevin Werner working with the Thursday family classes, Trainee Instructor Sue Adlam working with the Friday family class, and Trainee Assistant Instructor Frank Tanti working with the Monday Haidong Gumdo adult classes. Give them all a bit of encouragement when you see them in class. It can be quite a daunting task but we’re delighted to have them all on board to help with our club.