Welcome to 2013

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It’s a new year, full of possibilities, for Nepean Wolves Taekwondo & Haidong Gumdo. 2013 sees the start of our first-ever women’s only classes being held at Eastern Creek Public School on Thursday evenings. Over recent years we’ve had a number of requests for a women’s class and we’re really excited about the possibilities in such a specialist class where women of all ages will be free to train without inhibitions, in a fully supported, welcoming environment.  You can see all the details on our Taekwondo Classes page

So what else has got us excited about 2013? We have a host of special events coming up – starting with the Haidong Gumdo NSW pre-season seminar, sparring seminars, patterns workshops, Wolves Interclub Tournament, Wolves Challenge Camp and several external tournaments for our students. We also have a host of students preparing for Dan gradings at the end of term 1 and an even larger host of students preparing for coloured belt gradings. It’s going to be a terrifically busy term for all of us so let’s get on with it!

Important dates

  • NSW Haidong Gumdo Pre-season Seminar - Saturday 2 February 2013 - Blaxland East Primary School (Pictures and article to come of this excellent event!)
  • Wolves Interclub Tournament - Saturday 2 March 2013 - Venue to be announced
  • Wolves Leadership Team Meeting - Sunday 3 March 2013 - Blaxland East Public School
  • Nepean Wolves Sparring Seminar - Saturday 16 March 2013 - Venue to be announced
  • Wolves Challenge Camp - Sunday 17 March 2013 - Winmalee High School

Grading Dates

  • Haidong Gumdo (Grading and Seminar) - Saturday 6 April 2013 - Winmalee High School
  • Taekwondo (Grading) - Sunday 7 April 2013 - Winmalee High School

Term 1 2013 Ends: Friday, April 12
Term 2 2013 begins: Monday, April 29

Special Announcement
There will be no classes held over Easter - Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April. Classes will resume Tuesday 2 April 2013.

Please watch this space over the following weeks for updates to the Term 1 schedule.

2012 Haidong Gumdo National Championships and Pre-Mulympics

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On Saturday October 21 and Sunday October 22, Nepean Wolves travelled up to sunny Queensland for the Martial Arts Festival (Pre-Mulympics) and Haidong Gumdo National Championships. There had been a lot of preparation by the team before we headed up (you can view the gallery of some of our training here) and all the hard work by the NSW State team of Instructor Rodney Robbins and Instructor Luke Adlam paid off as the combined Wolves clubs came home with the Best Club award.

Saturday morning was all about the Dan grading. We had six people from Nepean Wolves sitting for their grading: Sue Adlam, Glenn Reynolds, Ethan Bargh and Megan Williamson for 1st Dan, Frank Tanti for 2nd Dan and Luke Adlam for 4th Dan and we were thrilled with their performances. The results aren’t in yet, but the gradings by all our students were strong and we have no doubt that soon you will be seeing pictures of our brand new blackbelts!

Saturday afternoon was when the fun began and competition started. For the veterans amongst the group, it was catch-up time with all the competitors from previous tournaments. For the first-timers there were a lot of nerves waiting for their competitions. A few of our divisions were quite large, and for some they were uncontested, but we all had an amazing time. Here are all our competitors and the swag of medals we received:

Luke Adlam
Gold : 18-31 2nd and 3rd Dan – Individual Gumbup Male
Silver : 18-31 2nd and 3rd Dan – Bamboo Cutting Male

Dave Adlam
Gold : 45+ 2nd and 3rd Dan – Bamboo Cutting Male
Silver : 45+ 2nd and 3rd Dan – Paper Cutting Male
Silver : Group Gumbup

Frank Tanti
Gold : 32-45 1st Dan - Gyukgum (w/ Rhys Smith)
Bronze : 32-45 1st Dan – Individual Gumbup Male
Bronze : 32-45 1st Dan – Bamboo Cutting Male
Bronze : 32-45 1st Dan – Paper Cutting Male

Megan Williamson
Gold : 18-31 Provisional/Red Belt – Individual Gumbup Female
Gold : 18-31 Provisional/Red Belt – Paper Cutting Female
Gold : 18-31 Provisional/Red Belt – Gyukgum (w/ Amy Newland)


Sue Adlam
Silver : Group Gumbup

Glenn Reynolds
Silver : 45+ Provisional/Red Belt – Individual Gumbup Male
Silver : 45+ Provisional/Red Belt – Paper Cutting Male

Jeff Bromley

Gold : 32-45 Provisional/Red Belt – Individual Gumbup Male (Uncontested)
Gold : 32-45 Provisional/Red Belt – Paper Cutting Male (Uncontested)


Madeline McCabe
Gold : 45+ Blue Belt – Individual Gumbup Female (Uncontested)
Gold : 45+ Blue Belt – Paper Cutting Female (Uncontested)

Brian McCabe
Gold : 45+ Blue Belt – Individual Gumbup Male
Gold : 45+ Blue Belt – Paper Cutting Male

Robert Harris
Gold : 18-31 Blue Belt – Paper Cutting Male
Silver : 18-31 Blue Belt – Individual Gumbup Male

Not only was there Haidong Gumdo, but Taekwondo, Karate and Judo participated in the Martial Arts Festival/Pre-Mulympics. Mulympics is a festival to be run by the World Haidong Gumdo Federation 20-24 July 2013 in Pyeongchang South Korea. We hope that we’ll be able to have a team from Nepean Wolves attending this event in 2013


New Classes for 2012

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Left to Right: Jordan Daley, Connor Moreau, Senior Instructor Dave, Tiger Yates and Ryan Freeman.

Nepean Wolves celebrated the start of Term 4 with the introduction of two new classes: a Junior Haidong Gumdo class at St Clair and a new Black Belt class at Glenmore Park. The Haidong Gumdo class began with just four students, Ryan Freeman, Tiger Yates, Connor Moreau and Jordan Daley. All four students already have an extensive  background in taekwondo and Instructor Dave was delighted with the way the small but enthusiastic group tackled this new martial art. Dave took them through sword etiquette, terminology and some basic techniques in their first class and is looking forward to their next class when several more students will join them. This class is open to children aged 9 to 11 and is run at Blackwell Public School, St Clair from 5:45 to 6:30pm each Monday. 

Left to Right: Eric Barnett, Kevin Werner, Jasper Souter, Warren Thrush, Senior Instructor Dave Adlam, Lachlan Hagan, Glenda Tucker, Brendon Wheatley, Sue Adlam, Scott Tucker and Megan Williamson

Week 1 also saw the first dedicated Black Belt Class. Ten of our senior students joined Senior Instructor Dave at Glenmore Park for the class and were put through a rigorous workout before practising some breathing and centering techniques, and multiple board breaking techniques. This class is held each Thursday night from 8 to 9pm at Glenmore Park Public School and is open to all of our existing black belt and provisional black belt students.

Top Left to Right: Megan Williamson, Instructor Luke Adlam, Frank Tanti
Middle Left to Right: Chris Hersey, Sue Adlam, Lindsay Pettit
Bottom Left to Right: Jeff Bromley, Madeline McCabe, Brian McCabe

Term 3 saw our first Advanced Gumdo Class start with Instructor Luke Adlam held Monday nights 7.30pm at Glenmore Park Public School. The class is not based on the grading syllabus, but on expanding Gumdo knowledge relating to movement, cuts, fluidity and technical accuracy. Please contact Instructor Luke Adlam for more details regarding this class.


Term 4 Welcome

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Term 4 2012 is going to be our busiest term yet. We’re really excited about our two new classes starting in week 1: the junior Haidong Gumdo class on Mondays from 5.45 to 6.30 pm at Blackwell Public School, and the Black Belt Taekwondo class from 8 to 9 pm at Glenmore Park Public School. Both these classes will provide some terrific new challenges for our students … and our instructors!

This term we have a heap of activities to prepare for.

•    Haidong Gumdo National Championships – October 20 and 21 in Brisbane. As NSW Trainer, Instructor Luke Adlam has been working closely with the NSW Coach Instructor Rodney Robins preparing our Wolves students for their Dan gradings and their competition events and we have to say they’re looking fantastic. Click here for our news article regarding their training.

•    Team Leaders Meeting – Sunday, November 11 from 4.30 to 5.30 pm at East Blaxland Public School. These sessions are a tremendous opportunity for our Team Leaders to work on their leadership skills with others from the Wolves clubs. Our Facebook Event has all the details - Term 4 Team Leaders Meeting.

•    Wolves Gala Day – Sunday, November 25. This day is always heaps of fun as the Wolves clubs get together and celebrate the end of the year. Santa is an annual visitor, there are always plenty of games and laughs, a few awards and a demonstration or two. Keep track of the time and venue announcement via our Facebook event - Wolves Gala Day 2012.

•    NWTKD Patterns Seminar – Saturday, December 8 from 10 to 12 midday. These seminars are a chance for all our students(both Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo) to polish their patterns as we head to the grading weekend. Keep track of the venue announcement via our Facebook event - Term 4 Patterns Seminar.

•    Grading weekend – Saturday, December 15 for Haidong Gumdo students; Sunday December 16 for Taekwondo students. This will be our last grading for 2012 and we are looking forward to many of our senior students doing their 2nd Dan and several presenting for their 3rd Dan. Should be a very exciting weekend. Our Facebook events are Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo.

We’re also planning another Sparring seminar and another interclub Wolves Tournament. Dates for these haven’t been settled yet but watch this space for updates.

In the meantime, welcome back to another fabulous term of martial arts with Nepean Wolves.

Trainee Instructors at work

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Left to Right: Kevin Werner, Megan Bromley and Sue Adlam

Nepean Wolves has four trainees currently working with our taekwondo and haidong gumdo classes. These trainees spend time working with Master Andrew Johnston and working with Senior Instructor Dave Adlam learning the finer points of managing our classes and our students. You’ll see Trainee Assistant Instructor Megan Bromley working with the Wolf Pack classes on Thursday, Trainee Instructor Kevin Werner working with the Thursday family classes, Trainee Instructor Sue Adlam working with the Friday family class, and Trainee Assistant Instructor Frank Tanti working with the Monday Haidong Gumdo adult classes. Give them all a bit of encouragement when you see them in class. It can be quite a daunting task but we’re delighted to have them all on board to help with our club.

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