Haidong Gumdo Equipment

Equipment required for Haidong Gumdo

Gumdo students need to have the correct uniform and a wooden practice sword or mokgum to present themselves for grading, but may wear basic, loose clothes that allow freedom of movement during their initial training.

Both uniforms and swords need to be an appropriate size for students.

Nepean Wolves instructors will assist you with your uniforms and equipment.


Students wear a loose uniform that includes a mid-sleeved, cross-over jacket or Ottori, worn over very wide, pleated pants or paji. A long belt or tti that denotes the student’s progress through the gradings is tied around their waist.

Initially the student’s uniform will be black but once they have achieved their black belt they change to a navy blue uniform. Once they have achieved Master status they change to a blue top and checked pants.

Students will generally wear taekwondo style martial arts shoes in class but may wear sports shoes if preferred.


Haidong Gumdo students use a variety of swords.

  • Mokgum or wooden sword
  • Chinkom or sharp metal sword
  • Kagum or blunt metal sword
  • Chukdo or bamboo sword

Most training is done with a hard wooden sword. After achieving their black belt students regularly receive training with a real sword for cutting and forms. For safety reasons the mokgum or kagum are used in group classes and for coloured-belt gradings.

The basic sword used in Haidong Gumdo is the traditional Korean long sword, which looks quite similar to a Japanese Katana. The blade is slightly curved and only one side is sharp. The mokgum and chukdo swords are based on the same curved shape.

Students may also use rubber swords for sparring practise.


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