Guests' Farewell

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Sadly, the Thursday Wolf Pack class had to say farewell to two of our long-term friends - Lochlan and William Guest. The boys will be heading off to live in Perth next week. They plan to continue their training with a WTF taekwondo school in WA. We all wish Lochlan, William, and their family the very best of luck. Don't forget to wear your Nepean Wolves caps, boys!

Haidong Gumdo Championship Results

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(Pictured from left to right: Rodney Robins (Mountain Wolves) and Luke Adlam during their 3rd Dan grading)

Congratulations to all Wolves students who competed at the Haidong Gumdo National Championship for 2011.

Saturday morning saw Instructor Luke Adlam grade for his 3rd Dan, Jacob Ward for his 2nd Dan and Frank Tanti for his 1st Dan. All showed great spirit and skill and Nepean Wolves are exceptionally proud of our boys.

The rest of our Nepean Wolves competed Saturday afternoon and Sunday in many divisions and came away with a slew of medals. 

Luke Adlam              - Gold Medal - Patterns 18-38 years Black belt Division
                                   - Gold Medal - Bamboo Cutting 18-38 years Black belt Division

Jacob Ward              - Gold Medal - Patterns 13-17 years Black belt Division 
                                   - Silver Medal - Paper Cutting 13-17 years Black belt Division

Frank Tanti               - Gold Medal - Sparring (with Rhys Smith - Mountain Wolves) 18-38 Black belt Division
                                    - Silver Medal - Paper Cutting Over 38 years Provisional Division

Sue Adam                - Silver Medal - Paper Cutting Over 38 years Blue belt Division
                   - Bronze Medal - Patterns Over 38 years Blue belt Division

Megan Williamson   - Gold Medal - Sparring (with Amy Newland - Mountain Wolves) 13-17 years Yellow belt Division
    - Silver Medal - Sparring (with Amy Newland - Mountain Wolves) 18-38 years Blue belt Division
    - Silver Medal - Paper Cutting 18-38 years Blue belt Division
            - Silver Medal - Patterns 18-38 years Blue belt Division. 

More pictures and videos will be up on the website shortly.

Onwards and upwards as we start preparing for the 2012 World Championships in Korea!!

Updated Class Schedule due to Haidong Gumdo National Championship

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Senior Instructor Dave and Instructor Luke will be in Brisbane next week for the Haidong Gumdo National Championships. As a result, the following classes will not be held:

Friday, October 21, Eastern Creek Wolf Pack and Family Classes
Monday, October 24, Glenmore Park Haidong Gumdo class.

All other classes will be held as normal.

Instructor Luke will be presenting for his 3rd Dan, Jacob Ward for his 2nd Dan, and Frank Tanti for his 1st Dan. Sue Adlam and Megan Williamson will also be competing in the patterns and paper cutting and Dave will be judging.

We would like to wish our Haidong Gumdo students the very best of luck for the Championships and for their gradings.

Taekwondo - Chris Merjane

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 NWTKD Instructor Chris Merjane will be presenting for his 3rd Dan at the term 3 grading, along with 3 other 3rd Dan candidates. In preparation for their grading, Chris joined the other candidates in performing their board breaks at the recent Wolves Taekwondo Challenge Camp. Chris was successful in breaking the double boards at all four stations, with a terrific display of spirit and technique. 

To see Chris's board breaks, follow this link to YouTube.

To see Chris in action, come along to the TKD Dan gradings from 2.30 pm on Sunday, September 18 at Winmalee High School.

Grading Information for Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo

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The Haidong Gumdo seminars and grading, and the Taekwondo grading will be held at Winmalee High School.

 {mosmap zoom='16'|width='500'|height='400'|address=' high school drive, winmalee, NSW, 2777'}

Grading forms are available from your instructor and must be completed and returned, with your grading fee, BEFORE the the grading or seminar.

Haidong Gumdo Grading- 17 September 2011

Student seminar with Mast Jong Il Oh - 11.30 am to 1 pm
Grading - from 1.30 pm

Taekwondo Grading - 18 September 2011

- Ninja gradings - white belts from 8.45 am; yellow belts from 9.30 am; blue and red belts from 11 am.
- Commando gradings - all coloured belts from midday
- Senior gradings - Blue and red belts from 1.30 pm, white and yellow belts from 4.30 pm
- All Provision Black Belt and Dan Gradings 2.30 pm.

Students should present for their grading in their full uniform. Remember to bring your protective gear and make sure everything has your name on it.



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