Nepean Martial Arts to Korea - Meet Megan Williamson!

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We are seven weeks away from Mulimpia, with the weather getting colder, the team might be a little bit excited to step off the plane into the warm Korean summer!

Our next spotlight, who you might recognise as our website and Facebook admin is Instructor Megan Williamson!


Photo by Patrick Williamson

National Achievements:


  • Silver - Paper cutting (18-32)
  • Silver - Individual Gumbup (18-32)
  • Gold - Sparring (gyukgum)


  • Gold - Red Belt/Chodanbo Individual Gumbup (18-32)
  • Gold - Sparring (gyukgum)
  • Gold - Paper cutting (18-32)


  • Gold - 1st Dan Individual Gumbup (18-32)
  • Gold - 1st Dan Bamboo Cutting (18-32)
  • Gold - 1st Dan Paper cutting (18-32)
  • Gold - Contact Sparring


  • Gold - 1st/2nd Dan Individual Gumbup (18-32)
  • Gold - 1st/2nd Dan Bamboo Cutting (18-32)
  • Gold - Group Gumbup
  • Silver - Paper cutting (18-32)


Favourite Pattern and why:
For training - Yedo 5. I think it is one of the first patterns that I've been taught that I immediately understood. It has a real frantic, yet controlled pacing and I enjoy just practising it when I get the chance. To teach I would say Ssangsu 9. I feel like all the ssangsu patterns lead up to this one. It has the most spins and fatigues you immediately. But when you are teaching and you see that moment where it all comes together it's awesome.

What are you looking forward to most in Korea?
Tteokbokki Town! No I'm looking forward to the competition. I competed in 2012 as a colour belt and it was a real eye opener to see the competition and really understand what I was actually doing. I'm also so excited to meet up with all the Haidong Gumdo family members I've connected with since the World Championships in 2012. Also shopping. I was ill prepared last time for how amazing the shopping was.

Why Haidong Gumdo?
Master Luke Adlam had started years before and I, being the dutiful loving ladyfriend came along to watch everything. Then I realised I could be doing it, I mean I was already there. That's like the major component to participation!

Other martial art achievements?
I am a chodanbo in Taekwondo, though I'm sure that's not much of an achievement. I've been working on it since I was in highschool 

What is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal has the head of a cougar and the body of a falcon and when it opens it mouth thunder booms from it's jaws. Here's a picture I drew of it. 


Favourite album:
Hands down all time favourite is Lazaretto by Jack White. Non stop repeat for a year. 

What's your packing style - last minute or a month before?
It is a little more difficult packing for Haidong Gumdo because I need my uniform up until we leave. Also I pack light, but I'll definitely start making lists of things I need to start prepping and least important clothes i can pack by 10 July. There's a system. 

Photos by Patrick Williamson, Megan Williamson and Victoria Haidong Gumdo

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